About TimeScale Creator Pro

Licenses for the PRO version of TimeScale Creator are donations to the Geologic TimeScale Foundation that enable us to develop and enhance the software and datasets.

The PRO version of TimeScale Creator has the following additional features:

(1)  Saving charts in different formats after loading datapacks.

(2)  A library of regional and specialized datapacks, including:

  Marine Genera ranges – The 36,000 genera are based on an update and expansion of the compendium by Jack Sepkoski that was published in 2002 (Bulletins of American Paleontology, v. 363; with revisions by Leif Tapanila, Idaho State Univ.)
  Phanerozoic Biostratigraphy of Russian Basins – the 7000 entries include most biostratigraphic groups of all regions of Russia (based on the compilation charts by T. Koren’ et al, 2006) . Download a detailed description of the Russian columns here.
  Russian Hydrocarbon Basin lithostratigraphy – includes Siberian, Caspian and other regional reports of the U.S. Geological Survey.
  Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea lithostratigraphy – with each formation having a URL-link to NORLEX for details.  The North Sea portion includes Cretaceous-Cenozoic regional microfossil biostratigraphy.
  Alaska and Circum-Arctic lithostratigraphy – includes conversions of appropriate USGS reports.  For Alaska, each formation has a URL-link to the USGS lexicon for details.
  Paleogene DeepWater Agglutinated Foram Atlas – with a datapack containing images; compiled by Mike Kaminski and Felix Gradstein.
  Gulf of Mexico Late Cenozoic chronostratigraphy and microfossil datums – Scales of the main zonations, markers and sequences – SHELL Oligocene-Neogene (2008, courtesy of Mike Styzen), Fillon (2003), Cenozoic, MMS (2003) Callovian to Holocene, and PaleoData (Neogene ver. 2008; Paleogene ver. 2004).  Lithostratigraphic columns recalibrated from onshore, offshore and Mexican coast columns of DNAG (1989) Gulf of Mexico volume, with all USA formations linked to the on-line USGS lexicon. In addition, download Gulf_of_Mexico_datapack_contents_Dec09.pdf (PDF, 50kb) with a complete listing of the major columns with their main references.
  Brazil offshore biostratigraphy and basin lithostratigraphy –Compiled by Erik Anthonissen; Chevron.  Scales for Campos and Santos basins of the main microfossil zonations and markers, sequences, lithostratigraphy, and basin transect.  Also ostracods of lower Congo basin.  Emphasis on lower Cretaceous stratigraphy. In addition, download Brazil_offshore_datapack_contents_Dec09.pdf (PDF, 60kb) with a complete listing of the major columns.
  Nordic Atlantic Neogene microfossil biozonation and lithology– Compiled by Erik Anthonissen (Chevron) based on his publications (2008, 2009).  Scales for composite microfossil zones, datums (foraminifers, bolboformids, diatoms), dinocysts, and major Nordic formation-facies and hiatuses.
  Middle East lithostratigraphy – based on GeoArabia (2008) charts by Dr. Moujahed Al-Husseini.  (available soon)

(3)  Instructions and our assistance on assembling your own datapacks.

(4)  Ability to edit and re-save datapacks, including the internal suite.

(5)  Template system for coding and uploading your own basin transects into datapacks.

(6)  Capability for security-coding of company datapacks.

Current requested licenses
    (paid as a donation to the non-profit Geologic TimeScale Foundation, Inc.)

    Large corporation -- inquire from the Foundation for current rates for a full site license that includes all branches and offices worldwide.
    Small corporation (Site license for up to 5 users): -- $6,000 initial; with $2,000 for each annual upgrade/maintenance.
       Negotiable; with some “pro bono” assistance in assembling datapacks.
    Personal Commercial (Site license for one user): -- $1,500 initial; with $500 for each annual upgrade/maintenance.
    Non-commercial (academic, private): -- $500.

NOTE: Discounts or free copies can be arranged for those who contribute datapacks or major enhancements of current datasets!

Contact one of us for details:
   James Ogg
       Professor, Dept. Earth & Atmos. Sci., Purdue University
       550 Stadium Mall Dr., West Lafayette, IN 47907
       jogg@purdue.edu; Tel: 1-765-494-8681 or -0257
   Felix Gradstein
       Professor, Geological Museum, University of Oslo
       P.O.Box 1172 Blindern, N-0318 Oslo, Norway
       f.m.gradstein@nhm.uio.no; Tel: (47) – 22 - 851663